Hello World

When I’d gone to my friend’s place a few years back for some project work, I discovered that the internet connection at his place was a (non existent) 50 kbps. I spent the rest of the day ridiculing him, all concerns about the project washed away. Cut to a couple of weeks later, when I landed in Muscat after a very long time for my vaccation, I discovered to my horror the connection we had at home was 28 kbps! Apart from making me dread the prospect of running into my friend again, it was quite an  epiphany for me. Severely restricting my net usage made me realise how dependent I was on the internet.

It was as if I’d just woken up to a whole world of possibilities, but which I could now only access one page each hour. Gone was the blissful freedom of multiple tabs- I now had to carefully plan out the sites I intended to browse on a weekly basis and constantly review the list (mail sent on Wednesday, wait for Sunday to check for reply). Although I tried to get a faster connection installed, I was to be stuck with the same connection (I’m not even sure if it qualifies for the word) for the next few years.

So why am I posting my troubles of yore? Because the times have changed baby! Yup, I’m now the proud owner of a broadband connection, which means the whole world (wide web at least) is mine to browse, download and Orkut. It felt so liberating when the green light lit on my router, I almost got down to test the maximum number of tabs Firefox could support. But after the initial euphoria, I realised there was the one other thing I could do with my new found freedom- I decided to give back to the web after years of taking from it. I figured that there were just the two ways to do that, either upload illegal software for the poor and the needy or blog.

After much thought, I’ve decided on the latter. And this is where I’ve decided to blog. But wait, this is not just some blog, this is where I’ve decided to put a part of me online, so you- yes YOU and me could be acquainted again. Think of the significance of your reading this. Time has moved on since our common ancestors roamed the earth, and after all these millenia, here, you and I run into each other…

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One Response to Hello World

  1. justanotherfilmcritic says:

    Susa, Welcome to the real world…:)

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