Not funny anymore

Excerpts from the darkest currents of Susa’s thoughts.

We’re often told about the importance of lightening up. A good laugh is always a great way to get rid of stress, or just simply feel good about life. So you would think a sense of humour is a passport to a large circle of friends, if not admirers. Sadly, this simply doesn’t happen.

Try telling your parents, you’re going to be a humourist, or a stand up comedian. If they’re the more loving, understanding type, you’ll break their heart, and if they’re the stricter type, they’ll probably break your arm, either way it’ll end in tears. Personally, I’m still having a tough time convincing my parents a career in R&D in semiconductors isn’t the worst thing!

Even without trying to make a career of it, levity isn’t usually thought of as a great quality in a person in most environments (Whats the word for people considered queer for whatever reason? Funny people). In fact a disposition to crack jokes or play really funny pranks often causes one to be labeled frivolous- fun to be with, but probably not the person you’re hoping to see during crunch situations. Almost as if a sense of humour couldn’t possibly coexist with a sense of responsibility.

To come to what triggered my thoughts in the first place, (Um, not that it has any reference to my current situation) a sense of humour doesn’t even help on the girlfriend front. An athletic build, hip clothes, heck even a musical inclination helps, but being the funny geek? Hmm, probably worth a laugh and a friendly pat on the head.

What makes things doubly painful, is that its actually hard to be really funny in the first place. Raconteurs that claim to be serious, but aren’t, evoke laughs and that’s alright, but if you claim its funny and its not, YOU are going to be remembered, and not in a pleasant way. I’ve had a few distressing experiences narrating anecdotes that didn’t turn out to be all that funny. I ended up giggling and wondering if I was going to be beaten up.

The situation better improve quickly for the funny geeks (hope the girls are listening). If we, er I mean they keep getting discriminated against in favour of the athlete or the guitarist, they’re never going to crack a joke again. And then lets see where your laughs come from.

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5 Responses to Not funny anymore

  1. Ha, Let this be a warning to all you “6-packed biker dudes”!

  2. Rashmi says:

    Not true. Loves (yes, plural) of my life have all been funny geeks.

  3. Sudharsan says:

    Sigh, if only there wasnt such a large difference in our ages 😉

  4. Rashmi says:

    And that’s when I stopped reading your blog… 😛

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