The ttypical Indian serial- Se5E3


I have been comprehensively beaten in the battle for the remote control. As a result, the last few weeks have seen me watch quite a few Tamil serials on TV (this of course adding to my feeling of being a prisoner of war), having had to surrender the remote to my victorious grandmother. In this situation, I felt I ought to share the richness of this experience with those deprived of this cornucopia.

The story thus far:

Season1– Anandhi and Archana are sisters. They’re both about to get married. The season ends with a thrilling episode which throws up the question: Do they hate each other?

Season 2– It is revealed that Anandhi and Archana in fact love each other more than anything else in the world. This moves the audience to tears at several points in the season.

Season 3More moving instances of sisterly love seen

Season 4Ditto

Now onto season 5:

Episode1: The episode is about Anandhi as she thinks about her love for Archana. In doing so, she forgets to go to office.

Episode 2: The episode is about Archana as she thinks about her love for Anandhi. In doing so, she lets the milk boil over, leaving the kitchen a mess.

Episode3: In this episode, Archana is thrown out of her house by her evil husband who declares that she let the milk boil on purpose with the intent of humiliating him.

It has been an intriguing start to the season. The show has so far lived up to its promise of making us cry, weep, sniff and shed tears. The plot is set for Archana’s evil husband and scheming mother-in-law to harass her and also for Anandhi’s cruel boss to torture her over her unsanctioned leave. This is riveting stuff folks.

On the sidelines, the controversy that ensued following Kkallyyanni ‘s (the actress who plays Anandhi in the serial) declaration that she wouldn’t be able to shoot for the current season has finally blown over. The housewives who were enraged when the producers stated that her scenes would be copied from scenes shot for earlier seasons, have backed off after the producers revealed that this has actually been a regular practice, and assured fans that as before, quality would not be compromised with.


Seriously, I don’t think I’ll survive these holidays.

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3 Responses to The ttypical Indian serial- Se5E3

  1. Susa, it’s time for a “Prison Break” for you…

  2. Vats says:

    dude… tamil mega serials are better.. Zee TV is pure torture… my mom makes me watch it from 8 to 11pm… 😦

  3. Balaji says:

    As Vats has said, try Hindi da. I am having a ‘nice’ time seeing Hindi soaps with my aunt and Tamizh with my Paatti!! Enjoy!

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