Incisive politicians

While my efforts to come up with humorous posts for your appreciation were toubled with a total lack of activity at home increasinly threatening to impair my ability to wake up at all, it got a shot in the arm thanks to one of our very own perspicacious politicians.

All the opposition to the nuclear deal by various quarters has been the stuff of headlines over the last few days. I came across a mind boggling statement in this context by the Uttar Pradesh CM, Mayawati, who severely criticized the deal because…. it is apparently against the interests of Muslims!

Even though I am fairly used to fanciful statements by politicians, this one had my head spinning. I tried to work out the connection, but got nowhere. After reading the rest of the article, I realised that it was impossible to think on the lines of our far sighted leaders, and cursed myself for trying.

Maywati, in deciding to take up the Muslim cause, felt that the Muslim community would feel hurt by the deal, because it comes at the cost of gas from Iran!!!

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