Bangalore grumblings

Life in Bangalore has had a damp start. Literally. Its been cold and wet ever since I came here (two weeks now). Actually I didnt mind the first few days of rain. There was load shedding when I got here, due to which I couldnt heat water for a bath in the morning, and also had to negotiate the steps to the flat in darkness when I got back from work, with the neighbour’s mad dogs barking their heads off, with vocal encouragement from the strays nearby. So when the Karnataka CM announced the rains had drastically improved power generation capabilities, I was among those cheering loudest. But an unabated spell ever since has even me grumbling.

When you’ve spent a lot of time thinking of things like turning 21, living on your own or starting off with your career, its a massive disappointment to start all that off spending the nights with your socks on, shivering away under a massive quilt, wondering if another blanket might be advisable.

Work calls, but will be back soon (if I dont lose my fingers to frostbite) to muse about Bangalore buses. Sympathy and warm clothes in the meanwhile are welcome.

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One Response to Bangalore grumblings

  1. i wish some of that rain comes to trichy…

    its hot in here…:P 😛

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