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Its a Friday night, I’m in Bangalore,there are Halloween parties raging all around, but I sit here and continue to ponder the undeciphrable mysteries of DDR RAMS. If I get off work before the 11 PM deadline when Bangalore shuts … Continue reading

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Decreasing stats!!

Ok, I’ve just noticed something really weird. My blog’s stats counter has decreased! It had hit a nice round 975 (I only remember because it was a round number, not because I’m a jobless loser who checks his counter on … Continue reading

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Match day!

After years of waiting, finally I got to see a test match live! Actually, the only sports I’ve ever seen live were the inter hostel matches in my college, so I had no idea what to expect. And I almost … Continue reading

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Where the *#^! is it?

As a matter of principle, I read only page 3 and the sports pages of the paper (oh, alright, I read the comics as well). But I usually stay clear of the middle pages. They give off something that warns … Continue reading

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Without a goodbye…

I probably shouldnt have taken you on a hard journey through a vast, rugged land. But we’d been through so much together, and how was I to know things were going to turn out this way? That when I woke … Continue reading

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