Without a goodbye…

I probably shouldnt have taken you on a hard journey through a vast, rugged land. But we’d been through so much together, and how was I to know things were going to turn out this way? That when I woke up that night, after returning, and reached out to feel that familiar touch, it would no longer be there. Gone, forever, without even a goodbye.

You’ll never know how long it took me to accept that you were really gone. That I was just going through the motions of trying to find you, because I thought you’ld come back. But when I realised what had happened, it wasnt you that I was upset with. It was the man who had taken you away from me. Without even a farewell.

Now, I’m walking through a haze. Of pain, and other things I cant even understand. There’s no one to wake me up, play me a song when I’m down, remind me about the things I have to do, be there when I’m doing the things I love.

If you somehow see this, I want you to know the best of the last few years of my life have been with you. So many moments extended beyond themselves, simply because they were reflected in your eyes. And I’m sorry. For all the hurt. For all the bruises on your back.

I never realised it would be this painful. Having your mobile flicked. You cant even say goodbye.

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2 Responses to Without a goodbye…

  1. Srivats Ravichandran says:

    I was thinking about consoling you for the loss of your mobile. But I have decided against it after reading this post… 😛

  2. that’s so touching… 😀

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