Decreasing stats!!

Ok, I’ve just noticed something really weird. My blog’s stats counter has decreased! It had hit a nice round 975 (I only remember because it was a round number, not because I’m a jobless loser who checks his counter on the hour), and now its down to 971. The other day when the Indian stock market crashed (ok, its happening pretty frequently, so I should probably say one  of those days) I heard a guy talking quite seriously to a small crowd about stocks over lunch at work. Naturally, all excited to gain some brilliant investment strategy, I positioned myself in a position suitable to eavesdrop.

To my shock, the guy was telling the others that stock prices had dropped so badly, that they were now negative. And the crowd was actually muttering sympathetically. They didnt even realise that a negative price meant that someone was willing to pay you to give you the stock, and hey, no matter how bad things get, thats not going to happen. I walked off earnestly hoping that none of those guys had invested in stocks.

And yet here I find myself with the number of visits to my blogs decreasing. If it was the number of visitors, I would understand, but visits? What the hell does this mean? Maybe its a conspiracy to keep my blog off the list of fastest growing blogs. Or maybe something’s screwed and the count’s going to go decrease everytime someone visits my blog now. Sigh! If it becomes negative, I cant face the stock market guru at work..

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7 Responses to Decreasing stats!!

  1. hmmm… What happened to wordpress… Orkut fever?

  2. BrownPhantom says:

    Saw ur blog on indiblog.Well, the counter seems to be working fine for now .

  3. Sudharsan says:


  4. Nice timing. Guess I now have the honor of the 1000th hit. Treat sometime?

  5. Sudharsan says:

    Hmm, dunno abt treats, but I definitely do owe you a few hits. Your pic was instrumental in accelerating the march from 900 to 1000 so its only fitting you take #1000 😉

  6. Sudharsan says:

    Yeah. The post cribbing about the lack of hits has rendered itself redundant!

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