Its a Friday night, I’m in Bangalore,there are Halloween parties raging all around, but I sit here and continue to ponder the undeciphrable mysteries of DDR RAMS. If I get off work before the 11 PM deadline when Bangalore shuts down, maybe I can go to one of those parties directly. And say I’m dressed as an overworked techie. Should be spooky enough..

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4 Responses to Holloween

  1. Haha… Do you really stay till 11 pm? That’s spooky by itself.

  2. Sudharsan says:

    No no, not THAT late, just meant that to leave from office and get to the party’ld run it pretty close to 11, making it pointless

  3. sneha says:

    did anyone allow you into the party.. considering the time and dress… 8)

  4. Sudharsan says:

    No they didnt, the management thought the sight of me might scare the people inside 😉

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