Workplace woes

There was once a foolish techie,

In matters of technology, a rookie,

He was asked to give a presentation,

To people of skilful dispensation,

So he just kept playing the hooky.

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7 Responses to Workplace woes

  1. Srivats Ravichandran says:

    so what happened to the presentation?? or when is it due?

  2. Sudharsan says:

    Due end of next week. So is the project I’m currently working on. Mostly I’ll lose my job in a week. Sigh!

  3. NIce da, looking at the stress factor oozing out of this blog, you must have learnt a lot.

  4. Sudharsan says:

    What? Why would you think that? Somehow my boss also thinks that, although I’ve been dropping subtle hints to the contrary.. But now that I’m writing limericks, even if I’m fired, I’ll go out with the air of an artist persecuted. Ha!

  5. Balaji says:

    Fantastic da!!! The post was great, the comments, even better!

  6. Rashmi says:


  7. Sudharsan says:

    Lol, a bit childish I know, but I’ve always wanted to write limericks, so I was glad that got started off..

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