From the frying pan..

I’ve been dragged from my cube three floors away from my nearest superior (and I seem answerable to everyone except the nice office boy who helped me move my things) and placed squat in the middle of them, where there is no angle I can turn my monitor so people cant see I’m reading a blog instead of modifying a memory transaction controller.
And I’m advised I shouldnt bring the guitar to work anymore. Something about too many people and too few emergency exits. Sigh!

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5 Responses to From the frying pan..

  1. Youre lucky. My Boss sits behind my cubicle. I wouldn’t even know if I’m being watched.

  2. Sruti says:

    Well, we don’t even have cubicles. 😦 just long desks. with a boss on each end.

  3. Sudharsan says:

    So how do you update your blog so often? I use so much of office time, I could claim without distorting too many facts that I’m a paid blogger 🙂

  4. Sudharsan says:

    But you’re the last of the iBankers. A boss at either end of the table maybe, but I’m sure there’s nothing but booze and food on it. And not always metaphorically..

  5. Dei, You thought I was putting up posts from office? I wish.

    The weekend is my only outlet.

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