The holiday ‘spirit’

Its that time of the year,

You spread afar the joy and cheer.

So if you’ve been touched by this blog,

Why not go the whole hog,

And gift me a crate of beer? 🙂


Update: I got what I asked for, I was quite merry this Christmas,  but as the haze covering my memories of the day slowly clear, I  wish common sense prevails the next time I decide to down four times as much as I can actually take.

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3 Responses to The holiday ‘spirit’

  1. Balajee says:

    Is it by design that this blog does not have simpler means to navigate the archives (a sidebar probably)? If not, here is a request from a follower urging you to GET ONE!

  2. Balajee says:

    Woh! A complete make over. Sorta like, getting away from the Dark Side. Interesting.

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