One more thing to regret when I turn 30

Years down the line, with the wisdom of the ages, I may look back at the poetry (limericks mostly) that I have begun to write of late and feel highly embarrased. I can even see myself sitting alone at night wringing my hands, smacking palm on forehead and ruing my foolishness in committing it to the public domain. But the image merely evokes a smile at present, and with the optimism of youth, I will continue not only to pen the stuff but to butt in limerick battles  between two of  the wittiest Indian bloggers. 

For the benefit of those of you still on this page, here’s my latest stuff:

There was a blogger called Ashok,
or Krish, no one knew for sure.
He put so much mokkai* in a post,
but it was the comments that were the toast,
Of the bloggers, whose poetry came to the fore.


And do click on the link anyway, some pretty interesting limericks there (Other than mine I mean, dont worry)

*Mokkai- Severe, borderline illegal form of torture, involving the use of a variety of weapons ranging from bad puns (somehwat harmless) to geeky jokes (possibly fatal)

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2 Responses to One more thing to regret when I turn 30

  1. naren says:

    Hey, thanks! I suppose we did get carried away. It was fun, especially in these morose times….


  2. Subbu says:

    Here is another one for you…

    There one was an actor name susha
    Who drank whisky, beer and rooafza
    He threw a tantrum
    Over a quart of rum
    And went around the town saying “loosaa?”

    PS: Do try the concoction and tell me if it is as terrible as the limerick.

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