The pecking order

Just to get over a long dry run (without a post)


I hate animals. Even the cute ones. If I see that Vodafone pug running down the street with a sock in its mouth, I wouldnt think its taking it to some little kid who plays with it. I would assume it has ripped it off someone’s foot.

But incredibly, I have found a dog that I actually like. I first noticed it on the road outside my office. It was lying by the roadside oblivious to the heat or the odd car that threatened to run over it. I gave it a wide berth lest it take offence at my disturbing its slumber. But later that week, I noticed it again, and there it was still lying, unmoving.

At that point I figured it was dead, so I was shocked to see it still lying there the next day. I cursed everyone’s apathy in doing nothing about a dead dog lying by the road for days, and promptly forgot about it myself. 

The following day, I saw the dog again, but realised with a jolt that it was not lying at the same place as earlier. A closer look showed that the bloody thing was in fact alive! Apparently it was not one to waste its breath on patrolling the streets, barking at hapless strangers (or acquaintances) or getting into orgies like normal dogs. It just lay there, being as unobtrusive as it could be. And slowly, I started liking the dog. Not that I was in any hurry to start feeding it scraps of food or pat its head, but I didnt feel the impulse to launch a stone in its direction either, and that is as friendly as I can get with an animal.

So I was thinking about it, trying to figure why exactly I thought this one dog was alright, when a colleague of mine greeted me in a very surprised tone, indicating he didnt know I was in the office, though it was already past lunch. And thats when I knew.

What that dog is to the streets, I am to my organisation. Both of us are useless of course. Yet, we are found there everyday. Cars (and projects), men with stones (and bosses) try to get us up and about, but we do not budge. And it takes sharp powers of observation for a passerby to figure if we are asleep, or even alive. The only sign of life we show is the movement in the direction of the food around lunch time. But of course, I still get paid at the end of the month. Makes one grateful for being human, what?

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5 Responses to The pecking order

  1. But dogs don’t have hair fall… They get us there…

  2. Balaji says:

    @ Srik ROFL!!!!!
    Sus, superb post once again da. Genuinely funny, the comparison at the end was rofl material!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice post, though people who know you would know the comparison to you was coming.

  4. Sudharsan says:


    Some assurances from old friends that they do not in fact see any such similarities might have been heartening, but not to be had, apparently..

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