Will I?

Its 6 30 in the morning and I am only about to sleep. The day is off, what with it being Good Friday and all, but I’ve got a little work to do, and a couple of people to meet. Thing is, I really have to meet these people as early as possible. However I am sleepy right now. If you do not see the inherent contradiction, here are little tidbits from my past:

Once at college during my sem exams, I came up with the crazy idea of sleeping from 6-8 in the evening, so I could study all night for the following day’s exam. Since waking me up is widely regarded as being only slightly easier than getting  Raj Thackeray to send a Valentine’s day card to a Bihari chick, I asked several people to wake me up. But ended up waking only at 12, to find a packet of chips on my table. Apparently I had convinced the guys who’d tried to wake me up that it was imperative that I sleep a while longer. AND that they go get me a packet of chips from the coffee shop. I have no idea how I did it. But my sub conscious has a will of its own, and its evil.

In Bangalore recently, I’d slept off early once. The roomie usually returns well after 12, and I’m supposed to open the door for him. Unfortunately I was deep asleep by then and even an hour of ringing the bell, desperately banging my room’s window from the outside and ringing both my mobile and landline couldnt wake me up. In fact he’d just begun to suspect that something had happened to me, and was about to call emergency services, when I finally woke up and let him in. And politely inquired why he was an hour late.

The cruelest part is when I try to get up to an alarm. If an alarm just couldnt wake me up, that would have been different. But when I hear the alarm, I actually wake up and turn it off. But then I tell myself I could sleep for just 10 seconds more. To do which, I begin counting backwards from 10. Only, I’m usually asleep and dreaming by the time I should have reached 5. I am told that is how anaesthetists knock out people on the operating table. As a result, I spend almost everyday rushing to get to work. It happens so regularly, that i’m sure if someone were watching, he would be tickled every morning. Makes you believe in a superior power (or at least pan dimensional beings ).


So, what do you think? Will I meet be up by 8 to call and fix the meeting? Or will IIII…..zzzzz…..

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2 Responses to Will I?

  1. Anonymous says:

    don’t forget the time when you told no one to wake you up and slept at 10pm only to get up at 7am instead of 12am.:)

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