Sorry, but I’m changing the world..

So, I havent really been able to blog too much of late (to the relief of bosses and professors around the world, who have suddenly seen a spurt in productivity of their employees/students). I’ve been spending the days trying to convince an increasingly agitated boss, that I deserve a pay hike and a work load reduction, and not the other way round, and the nights trying to play something on the guitar that does not sound like an anguished cat sharpening its claws on a brick wall, and discussing the IPL (I support Delhi by the way) with the roomie. Oh, and I’ve been trying to change the world.

The nonplussed reader may look around and find their furniture, laptop, Girls gone wild poster (if the said reader happens to be a friend of mine in Florida), and other such familiar objects, remaining much as they were. The said reader would also be right in suspecting that I am the sort of person who would watch a documentary on global warming (if compelled to, by a larger, more environment friendly person), while generally carrying out activities with a carbon footprint, that is probably killing a polar bear every four minutes.

So, there I was one day, eating a pizza made with ingredients flown in from Italy (apparently), working on my energy ineffecient computer, with one fan, one tubelight and one TV more than required running, when I came across this site which promised to send me on an interesting roadtrip. However as with other good things in life, it came with strings attached. There were forms. With questions. Plenty of questions. Questions I couldnt answer with standard engineering answers like ‘a PLL would replace a DCM on the basis of its lling ability’. Plus, they required you to run a campaign.

Now, I’ve always been wary of social change campaigns of any sort. Whenever a hyperactive friend/ random person starts berating people for anything from eating too much to not caring enough about polar bears to paying for music downlods, I look really sheepish, and try to stick to a corner of the room untill the danger has passed. But when a really enthusiastic friend got on board, I felt we could just pull it off.

So we rounded up a team. The friend did actually, I provided the moral support. And started planning out campaigns. (I provided the food and shelter for these meetings). And before I knew it, we were out on the street with a camera in hand trying to create awareness among people about the upcoming genereal elections. We thought everyone would know about the IPL, but not about the elections, and based our questions on that. But to our delight (initially), surprise (soon), and resignation (shortly after that), EVERYONE knew when the elections were. And people hardly knew aboutthe IPL. It was like a multi million dollar league of the most popular game this side of the world, never existed.

Defeated by petty people who refused to encourage wannabe social activists, we headed back to rethink our campaign. And after plenty of hard work, sweat (the others’) and grumbling (yours truly), we came up with this campaign. Doesnt quite bring tears to the eyes or raise goosebumps, true, but a neat effort if you consider I was involved. Plus I love telling people how I am busy ‘changing the world’. While the one fan, one tubelight and one TV more than required are still running in the background.

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2 Responses to Sorry, but I’m changing the world..

  1. Anonymous says:

    PLL replacing a DCM!! You still know too much tech to quit from your current job!

  2. Sudharsan says:

    er kindly note the ‘lling ability’ part!

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