Miss Madhumati solves the mystery of the smelly dog

After an exhausting day spent walking all around a little village near Ranikhet, we stopped over at  a quaint little cafe on our way home. Three of us took seats with a view of the valley, while Ms Madhumati (M) flopped off on a table behind us. Not only had the walking tired her, but the sun had beaten down mercilessly on her sensitive skin and she had a terrible cold to boot. So as her head hit the table, she passed out and came to only after a while, by which time the rest of us were already enjoying our orders.

M noticed one of us eating a choco chip muffin and felt a sudden craving for one. The muffin however was not any good, so M went for a corn muffin. When it finally came, she took a bite and began to declare her opinion of it in a loud voice, but stopped as she spotted the owner of the cafe walk by.

The owner was cradling her boxer (the dog, not the underwear) in her hands, as she stopped by to ask us about the food. We didnt want to be cut off from our only source of chocolate milk in Ranikhet, so we immediately began to praise the food to the heavens. In fact, all of us put in considerable effort into it, except M who was alternating between demolishing her corn muffin and squinting at it. Sometime into the flattery, a strong, foul smell hit us all. With the exception of M, who had a cold, the rest of us were close to choking. One look at the boxer, and I knew the animal was to blame for the stench. It seemed like a really small dog, but the way it was giving off the gases, it could have been a teargas canister. Although M continued nibbling on her muffin, I was desperately trying not to grab the dog and fling it over the ledge for the larger good, while the other two were no doubt contemplating jumping off themselves.

Boxer gone wild

However, we neednt have feared the worst. Following this assault on our nostrils, the flattery slowed, and soon ground to a halt. With this, the owner lost interest in us and decided to move on. As she took the dog away, we tried to start breathing again, but even after a while, the smell still hung strong. The three of us were surprised, and were just about to move away from there, when we heard a puzzled voice coming from M’s direction “I think this muffin is bad”.

It took us 2 seconds to figure out that the muffin was indeed the source of the smell, 5 to take this snap and only another 3 seconds to clear the area.

Units that handle hazardous materials for a living couldnt have acted faster.

Corn muffin

Just go for the cherry muffin next time M, go for the cherry muffin.

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2 Responses to Miss Madhumati solves the mystery of the smelly dog

  1. Rashmi says:

    Not to mention Husain who still feel nauseous when he looks at the corn muffin pic… 🙂
    And that innocent dog looks ghastly in that pic!

  2. Sudharsan says:

    That dog didnt look innocent. We all did associate the smell with the dog!

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