I saw a pic of these hot, crispy jalebis on facebook (they just looked that way, I of course had no way of knowing if they were hot. Or crispy), and suddenly remembered that I had eaten some mindblowing jalebis recently myself. Except, I simply couldnt remember where.


After a considerable time spent in earnest recollection, I finally remembered where I’d eaten them and with whom, but by then it was 10 at night and the place was shut. So there I was, all alone at home suffering from intense jalebi-craving, when I saw the friend I’d had the jalebis with online, and pinged him.

(Chat transcript with translations provided)

me: dei suddenly remembered those jalebis we ate at forum da, semma craving now!
10:01 PM
N: dei panada (You worthless *$#&)

kadupethada (Don’t irritate me)

I wanted to talk to u abt one thing da dog (Explained succintly in English by N himself this time)

me: ?

N: I went for one fitness class yest

me: woah!

super da
10:02 PM
N: Do u know what they asked us to do?


At this point I should update you on the nature of our friendship. I, am always looking to play a prank, and N, always seems to be looking to fall for one. So over four years of college, I (along with an accomplice) have pulled a variety of (admittedly) cheap, but really funny ones at N’s expense- from convincing him at a restaurant that the finger bowl in front of him was really the restaurant’s famous clear soup (or vice-versa, I don’t remember) , to making him lie on a bed with a dumbell on his stomach and an eye shade, while we gathered the entire wing to watch the spectacle (we’d told him it would help flatten his tummy). Looking back, the eye shade was as funny as the dumbells, I mean sure he thought the dumbells would tone his tummy, but I have no idea how we convinced him to pull shades on to go with it!

We, were of course pastmasters at pulling a quick one off, leaving the ever trusting N at a considerable disadvantage. Once we were in my room with the music  playing on my system, when N asked me how he could increase the volume. I was reading a book, and without batting an eyelid, told him to jump on the spot he was standing. Of course, I didnt expect him to do it, and was stunned when a second later, I heard a dull thump, and looked up to find a puzzled N wondering whether he’d jumped correctly.  The rest of us in the room had a dozen funny things we wanted to say right then, but just couldnt because we laughed so long and so hard, we just forgot it all.

So it was this N who had something important to tell me. Apparently.


me: I know whats going to come next

N: keep dumbells on the abdomen

me: haha

N: assss

me: hahahaha!!


N: ivolo naala (all these days)

enna epidi kalaichenga (you were killing me about that incident)

rem book la ellam pottu (and even put it in our frikkin rem book)

me: dei, seriously? illa thirpi emanthutiya? (You sure it was for real? Or did you just fall for the same thing again?)

10:03 PM
N: naaygala (Bitch!)

seriously da


me: so whats next, they play music and ask you to increase the volume by jumping on the floor?


N: next ill find de solution to the volume adjustment thing

me: haha

same train of thought!
10:04 PM
N: both co exist da


same day

both well trieds (College slang for ‘epic fail’)

me: ah, I was slightly tense because of work shit and this bloody jalebi craving

now memories of laughing so hard I almost died makes me feel better!

N: hehehe

And then N went offline, and for a while random memories from college kept floating in my head, making me smile. There was the time on the hostel terrace we got V (with voice like sandpaper, and the rhythm of man with a hacking cough) to sing any song, and he picked a melody, Azhagiya Asura (literally, Pretty Demon!!). One line into it, everyone was rolling around laughing, but I overcame a mighty inner battle to keep a straight face. But when V paused, gave the others a disdainful look and continued, even I couldnt take it. I almost fell off the water tank laughing, and that finally shut him up, even as the others erupted even louder. He was never even heard humming on campus after that!

Looking back, I realised we were always out to pull some poor fellow’s leg. There someone would be minding his own business, and suddenly we’ld do or say something and before you knew it he’d be the butt of a long running joke (although he’ld even laugh at it himself). Of course everyone gave back as much as they took, and everyone had their  turn providing entertainment to the others.

With the wisdom of my year out of college, I shook my head seriously wondering why we’d been that way, when I noticed N had come back online. His status message read ‘I wanna Chiggy Wiggy’.

Chiggy wiggy? Chiggy, wiggy?! Sounded like it involved squirming on the gym floor with a dumbell on your stomach! Already cracking up, I took a screenshot of the message, and logged into our wing group to post it for everyone else’s benefit. Laugh elicited, I lay back and felt a faint, warm feeling of wicked satisfaction spread through me, and then I knew why.

p.s. For the curious, we ate the jalebis at Shivsagar, in the Forum mall

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3 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. s w a t says:

    Now that you’ve ticked this craving in me, you are gonna take me to Forum when we meet aren;t you?

  2. Sudharsan says:

    Come off to a Bang JAM, and the jalebis are on me 🙂

  3. Kishi says:

    Sudarshan…can you give me your email id or email me at

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