What with all the (google) Buzz updates, I almost missed one from a friend that went ‘never put your tongue where it doesnt belong’.
Obviously curious, I eagerly enquired where he’d stuck it, and was stunned to learn it was his laptop charger. And he’d done it at because he was bored at work.
My first thought was what if someone’d seen him? Imagine coming off lunch, a little sleepy, preparing yourself to grapple with that dratted project when you suddenly see a random colleague sitting in his cube with his laptop charger in his mouth. Dunno about you, but I might’ve thought he’d just swallowed the laptop.
But you know whats worse? What if he’d died? Can you imagine how embarrassing life’ld be for his friends (thats us)?
Shocked friend: Oh my God, P just died..
Well wisher: What? I’m sorry.. how did it happen?
<Awkward silence>
SF: He.. er stuck a laptop charger in his mouth..
WW: ???!!
Seriously people, if you’re going down,  do it with style. Think Michael Jackson, or Navjot Sidhu (he’s gone right?) or something.
(Ironically P runs a webcomic called chronicles of the Riddiculous. Okay.)
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7 Responses to Mortification

  1. pavanpalety says:

    ah! one of the many roles I seem to don each day – blog fodder ha!
    In my defense I was ……..bored, waiting for the cursed code to run.

    But imagine the glory. I would have been immortalized. My story would have been told for generations to come . Laptop manufacturers would have added a warning on the laptop chargers in my honour.
    If the possibilty of my demise triggered a blog entry, I can only imagine the multitude of posts if I’d actually died.

    There are worse ways to go down da. If jackson choked on his own puke and died (like john bonham), people would have attributed some style to it. Siddu…really…he died? Didnt know.

  2. pavanpalety says:

    and oh yeah, would have been seriously embarrasing for you guys. haha.

  3. Bharath says:

    I think palety would have been eligible for the Darwin Awards ( )
    He could have been famous!

  4. Sudharsan says:

    Palety would have got the Darwin for lifetime achievement! 😛

  5. I wanted to ask him after seeing his tweet, but I didn’t.
    If I had, then I’d have had this post on my blog 😛

  6. prithi says:

    whaaat 😀 andd, whaaat?did we really have the same themes? 😛

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