haha! Feel special people, for you are reading the blog of a man who is famous- I now get people on the blog searching for “sudharsan five point someone”!
So after shows when no one came up to me to congratulate me or merely gawk (as they were doing with other male cast members), I thought they didnt care, but apparently they were shy, and decided to go home and google me! muhahaha!
(Also they’ve got my spelling right in the search, which is very heartening)
Of course there are also those who search for ‘photo of smelly dog’ and land at my blog, but we’ll ignore those for now..

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3 Responses to Fame!

  1. Anonymous says:

    heh. i told u 😀 😀 meant the fan bit 😀

  2. Sush says:


  3. Bah says:

    Poda dai.

    Fame you want means go to lido

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