The one thing we havent yet outsourced..

Put nights, are Friday nights with friends of mine that go by in a haze. The average put night, is like a Times of India article-  good fun, but not much by way of intellectual content, which is exactly how we like it.

The latest one however threw up a gem of an idea. While channel hopping, we landed on one showing Jumanji, dubbed in Hindi. It had a black (differently coloured, for the politically correct) cop generally behaving dumb, in much of the comic scenes towards the end. Being a Hindi dubbing, he was made to mouth lines like “Ayyo meri gaadi”, when his car was washed away,etc, you get the picture.

Mando, who is into theatre, and has an MBA as well (both backgrounds will be important to what is to follow) pointed out that the comedian’s facial contortions resembled that of that stalwart of Tamil cinema, Vadivelu. The South Indian twist to the cop’s dialogues only served to heighten the similarity.

The comparison being moderately funny, we chuckled and got ready to move on, when the business administrator in Mando struck upon a brilliant plan- given how South Indian comedians, seem to look a bit like their African-American counterparts, what if someone were to outsource them to Hollywood? Low cost blacks, straight out of South India, we can let them hire *our* minority for much less. Producers of low cost Hollywood films’ll have tears in their eyes as they’re able to rein in expenditure, and who knows, one of ’em might even be the next coloured person after Denzel Washington to win the Oscar.

So, um, how do you go about hiring ships? Anyone? I’m just asking..

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