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A word on the water crisis

My fellow earthlings, I know we have a water crisis. I know about climate change, about all those people in Africa who need to walk miles for meager amounts of water. However! Not flushing in the loo is not going … Continue reading

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Swine flu advisory

The swine flu going around seems to have a lot of people hitting the panic button- not with a measured push, but with repeated, frantic thumps. But I’ve found its hard to be worried about the flu when you havent … Continue reading

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The pecking order

Just to get over a long dry run (without a post)   I hate animals. Even the cute ones. If I see that Vodafone pug running down the street with a sock in its mouth, I wouldnt think its taking … Continue reading

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Tales of the boss, the class and the giggle loop

In digest form, because I have too many drafts and too few posts Despite being in the painful situation of having a seat where the boss can keep an eye on me, I do manage to sneak off now and … Continue reading

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The little problem of geography

Every Friday afternoon, my manager calls for our weekly review meeting, meant to keep people ahead of project deadlines. Although your average meeting is as fascinating and productive as Wasim Jaffer’s batting, I find these review meetings very interesting. For … Continue reading

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Epiphany on the last working day of the year

Know whats worse than code that doesnt work when you know it should? Code that works when your boss knows it shouldnt.

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From the frying pan..

I’ve been dragged from my cube three floors away from my nearest superior (and I seem answerable to everyone except the nice office boy who helped me move my things) and placed squat in the middle of them, where there … Continue reading

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